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Datafile Agility for Sage brings a new dimension to management information systems by opening up the system to enable your business to modify and restructure the software to suit your operations. This is done without need for expensive expertise or software downtime. Any changes and customisations the business makes are automatically uplifted into any future release of Datafile Agility for Sage.

"only Datafile has the ability to personalise each installation without the need for programming and no need for changes with program updates "

Integration with Sage Line 50

Datafile Agility for Sage Line 50 replaces the modules of your Sage Line 50 system that don't fit your business and integrates with the core Sage financial ledgers. The Agility modules have been designed with quick navigation and speed of data entry and processing at the heart.

Datafile Software is a Sage developer and whilst we have integrated with Sage Line 50 by Batch Update for many years, we now allow real-time look up and updating.


Upgrade from Sage Line 100

Sage Line 100 reaches its End of Mainstream Support on 30 September 2012. Sage is advising users to move to either Line 200 or Line 50 depending on the individual business requirements.

Datafile Agility with Sage Line 50 presents another option for users to get Line 200 functionality for Order Processing, Stock Control, and Production but retain a simple core financial ledger system in Sage Line 50.

Alternatively a full suite of modular Datafile Agility, very similar in structure to Sage Line 100 can offer the most appropriate like for like upgrade.

Please contact us to see how the Datafile product, once a direct competitor to Sage Line 100, has been developed extensively over the last 20 years, and is now more comparable to the Sage Line 200 product.

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For a no obligation and open discussion about your current requirements please contact Datafile Agility at your earliest convenience:

  • Terry Moore - Managing Director
  • Dave Rowland - Technical Consultant
  • Carl Baum - Technical Consultant

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Over 7,500 UK users already rely on us for their accounting and management information systems.


Established 1985

Datafile Agility have been providing the most flexible accounting and business solutions since 1985.


Sage Line 50 Integration

The Datafile Agility modules such as Sales and Purchase Order Processing update the Sage Line 50 ledgers in real time ensuring your financial data is always current.



Datafile Agility has an open table, form, and report architecture that is easily configurable to adapt as your business changes.



The extensive functionality in Datafile Agility is activated by simple question and answer parameters.



When upgrades are applied, any changes made to tables, forms and reports are automatically uplifted using Datafile Agility's unique layer technology.


Data Conversion

Datafile Agility supports industry standard data interchange formats including CSV, TXT, DIF, and includes simple field mapping tools for Data Import and Export.


Excel Reporting

Any report in Datafile Agility can be presented in MS Excel. Tools for matrix style reporting with Pivot tables are fully supported.